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Psychiatric NP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

Welcome to our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatric NP) services, where we offer connection to expert mental health care combined with a nurturing approach to help you achieve emotional well-being.
Our team connects you to psychiatric NPs that will bring you wealth of knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions plus medication management and prescription services tailored to your unique mental health requirements. With a focus on patient-centered care, we are dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans that empower you to lead a fulfilling life.

Treatment Process

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners meet with clients to assesses, diagnoses, and prescribes. Our experienced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners treats children, adolescents and adults experiencing both routine and urgent/emergent behavioral health symptoms. The Nurse Practitioner provides psycho-education to clients and families about issues related to medications, side effects and treatment adherence. Services include both in-person and telemedicine health care delivery:

  • Creates treatment plans while collaborating with the behavioral health team
  • Diagnoses patients and communicates with the client, their families, and the team
  • Conducts and interprets mental health assessments
  • Provides psycho-education for the treatment conditions
  • Performs exams and checkups for physical and mental health
  • Prescribes medication
  • Adjusts medication and treatment plans for patients
  • Provides medication to increase the effectiveness of treatment options for the care of clients
  • Provides a inclusive focus treatment for clients and their families
  • Connects to higher level of care when necessary
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in New York

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Opening Hours

  • 09 AM-07 PM
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