Secure Payment Policy and Payment Service

Secure Payment Policy and Payment Service by Enteos Mental Health Mental Health

Welcome to Enteos Mental Health Mental Health. We are pleased to offer you our therapy services with a commitment to providing a secure and transparent environment for your financial transactions. Please carefully read our secure payment and payment service policy below.

  1. Payment Methods:

Each therapy session will be charged through the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card.
  • Bank transfer.

Please notice that if you link a debit or credit card to your account, you authorize us to collect Paid Service Fees by debit from your linked debit card or charge to your linked credit card. Regardless of payment device or method, we reserve the right to collect Paid Service Fees by deduction from your transaction by your linked bank account.

  1. Bank Transfers:

If you choose to make payment through a bank transfer, you will be provided with a timeframe during which you must complete the transfer and notify Enteos Mental Health of its completion. It is important to follow the provided instructions by email and ensure that your transfer is completed within the specified timeframe.

  1. Responsibility for Bank Charges or Extra Fees:

Enteos Mental Health will not apply additional charges to the session value. However, we are not responsible for any charges that your bank or credit/debit card issuer may impose in relation to your transaction. We recommend that you contact your financial institution for detailed information about potential fees and charges.

  1. Refunds:

Refunds will not be issued in the following cases:

  • The patient does not join the therapy call
  • The patient joins the session after the scheduled start time

  1. Third-Party Payment Processors:

Payments made through our website are processed and endorsed by the Square platform. For more details about payment processing through the Square platform, we recommend visiting this link:

And the official Square website and reviewing their policies and procedures.

At Enteos Mental Health, we take the security and reliability of our payment partners seriously. Our selection process for payment partners is guided by the following criteria:

  • Industry Reputation: We prioritize partners with a proven track record in the payment processing industry, known for their security measures and trustworthy practices.
  • Security Protocols: Payment partners must adhere to stringent security protocols, including encryption standards, data protection measures, and compliance with relevant industry regulations.
  • PCI DSS Compliance: We collaborate with partners who are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring the highest level of protection for cardholder data.
  • Fraud Prevention: Our partners employ advanced fraud prevention systems to detect and mitigate any potentially fraudulent activities, ensuring the safety of financial transactions.
  • Customer Support: We value partners who offer robust customer support, promptly addressing any technical issues or concerns that may arise during payment processing.
  • Seamless Integration: Payment partners should provide a seamless integration process, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient payment experience for our clients.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: We select partners with clear and transparent fee structures, minimizing any hidden or unexpected charges that could affect our clients’ payments.
  • Scalability: Our payment partners must offer scalability to accommodate our growing client base, ensuring consistent and reliable service as we expand.
  • Innovation: We seek partners who stay updated with the latest advancements in payment technology, enabling us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.
  • Positive User Experience: Partners should contribute to a positive overall user experience, enhancing convenience and satisfaction for both us and our clients.

By adhering to these criteria, we ensure that our payment partners align with our commitment to providing a secure, efficient, and trustworthy payment environment for our valued clients.

  1. Privacy and Data Security:

At Enteos Mental Health, we are deeply committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our patients’ personal and financial information throughout the entirety of payment transactions. We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive data and ensuring that it remains protected. Our practices align with stringent data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), where applicable. These regulations set high standards for the collection, storage, and processing of personal information, and we adhere to these standards to ensure the utmost security for your data.

  1. Booking and Cancellation Policy:

We have established a comprehensive Booking and Cancellation Policy to facilitate the seamless scheduling of therapy sessions. This policy outlines the steps involved in reserving a session and the corresponding rules for cancellations. Please read this policy carefully before making any bookings.

Booking Process: Patients can conveniently schedule therapy sessions through our website’s calendar feature. This enables patients to select their preferred date and time, subject to availability. Once the session details are chosen, the patient will proceed to complete the payment for the session using any of our available payment methods. This payment finalizes the reservation, effectively securing the session for the patient.

Cancellation Policy: We understand that circumstances may change, and we aim to accommodate those changes within the framework of our cancellation policy. However, it’s important to note the following guidelines:

  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled session will be eligible for a full refund. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours’ notice) or no-shows may result in a fee of $75-$150.
  • Cancellations made after the aforementioned timeframe will not be eligible for a refund. The full session fee will be charged.
  • Patients can make their cancellations in any of the means of contact offered on this website: contact form, emails or telephone numbers. Cancellations through social networks are not accepted.

Non-Presentations and Late Arrivals:

In cases where the patient fails to attend or connect at the designated date and time, or joins the session later than scheduled, Enteos Mental Health will not refund the entire or partial session fee. The full session fee will be retained.

  1. Payment Disputes:

At Enteos Mental Health, we strive for transparency and reliability in all aspects of our service, including payments. We understand that occasional discrepancies or disputes may arise, and we are committed to addressing them promptly and effectively. Below, we outline the process for handling payment-related issues and provide guidance on how patients can reach out to our dedicated support team for resolution.

  • Initiating a Payment Dispute: If you believe there is a payment-related dispute or discrepancy, please follow these steps:
  • Gather Information: Collect all relevant documentation, including transaction details, payment receipts, and any communication related to the payment.
  • Contact Support: Reach out to our support team as soon as possible. You can use the contact information provided on our website or in our communication materials.

Contacting Our Support Team: To resolve payment disputes or discrepancies, please follow these steps:

Email: Send an email to our dedicated support email address Please provide a detailed description of the issue, including transaction details, payment date, and any supporting documents.

Phone: You can also call our support line +1 (347) 696 6988 during our business hours. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.

Online Form: Alternatively, you can use the online contact form available on our website to submit your payment dispute query. Make sure to provide all necessary details for an efficient resolution.

Our Resolution Process: Once we receive your payment dispute query, our team will promptly initiate an investigation. We will review the provided information, compare it with our records, and communicate with relevant parties if needed. We aim to resolve payment disputes as swiftly as possible and will keep you informed throughout the process.

Open Communication: We value open communication and aim to provide you with a fair and equitable solution. Our priority is to ensure that any discrepancies are addressed and resolved in a manner that upholds the trust you have placed in us.

  1. Changes to Payment Policy:

Enteos Mental Health reserves the right to modify the payment policy, and any changes will be communicated to patients in advance.

  1. Currency and Pricing:

Payments for our services are processed exclusively in United States Dollars (USD). This means that the quoted prices, fees, and charges are all denominated in USD. For our valued international clients, please be aware that if payments are made using a currency other than USD, Enteos Mental Health is not responsible for any exchange rate differences applied by payment providers. Additionally, any associated conversion fees or charges are beyond our control and will not be the responsibility of Enteos Mental Health. It’s important to note that exchange rates may fluctuate and vary depending on the payment method and financial institution involved. Consequently, the final amount charged in your local currency may differ due to these factors. We recommend that international clients check with their payment providers for information on potential conversion rates and fees before making a payment.

  1. Acknowledgment of Policy:

As part of our commitment to transparency and clear communication, we kindly request that all patients acknowledge their understanding of the payment policy before participating in their first therapy session. This acknowledgment ensures that you are fully informed about our payment procedures and terms. By acknowledging the payment policy, you demonstrate your commitment to our shared understanding and cooperation in matters related to payment processing and policy adherence. We greatly appreciate your attention to this important aspect of our service

  1. Contact Information:

We strive to provide you with high-quality service in a secure and reliable environment. If you have any questions or concerns about our payment and payment service policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team at any time:


+1 (347) 696 6988


63-17 Metropolitan Avenue Middle NY 11379


Thank you for choosing Enteos Mental Health for your therapy needs. We are here to support you on your journey to mental well-being.

Last updated: August 2023


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